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  • I installed WP1.5, typed a couple of entries, and then let it rest for awhile. Today I went back and when I tried to get into the login screen, I got a 500 error. Did a forum search and someone said that the .htaccess file was a problem and to delete it.

    I’m too cautious to delete, so I renamed the file and tried login again. This time it worked, but got a 404 error when I tried to view my previous posts.

    Because of the original 500 error, I figured that maybe something got messed up and I deleted the posts. Then I tried reposting. Now I get the index file but can’t get the archive file.

    I found this post:

    After all the discussion in that post, it would appear to be .htaccess again. One poster, Yingjai, talks about an apache config file. I don’t see that in my directory.

    How do I go about fixing this?

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  • Are your WP/Blog addresses in the options different? Also, unless you have stuff in your .htaccess file other than what WP would put in there, I wouldn’t worry about just deleting your .htaccess file and creating a new blank one and CHMOD it to 666 or 777 and try to reset up permalinks.

    As far as that apache config file, I’d think your server administrator would need to take care of that for you unless you installed apache yourself. But I could be wrong on this.

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