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  1. woodsielord
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Here's the thing: I'm way in over my head.

    I was asked to simply add an English section to a site that has to be operational as we speak, but I broke it irrecoverably so I had to reinstall. Even installing a WP network was more than I signed up for, but it went surprisingly well, until I tried to go to the Dashboard of the subdirectory site.

    Now, I have to use some .htaccess configuration other than what WP advises me to. I took the advice of dozens of threads on this site and Helicontech's (which, admittedly, amounts to copying and pasting htaccess or web.config setups that worked for others--I know, a poor strategy), but I end up with either a 404 or an infinite redirect.

    I have no idea what any of this means. I just want a simple, 6 page site that has to be 1) the WP theme the boss picked, and 2) in 2 languages. I am at my wit's end--also the night is about to end!--and I have to face my boss in a few hours.

    Please, please help me.

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