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  • Hi,

    I am still having permalinks issues despite spending a lot of time searching and reading about the problem and would like some advice from the experts please before I tear the rest of my hair out. 🙂

    I am running 2.71 on an IIS6 server.

    I have no .htaccess file and switching on permalinks doesn’t create one, but it also doesn’t complain about it.

    If I create one, 644 it, or even 777 it and then switch permalinks off and back on, WP still doesn’t write to it.

    I have also tried adding the following 2 lines to my php.ini file

    cgi.fix_pathinfo = 1
    cgi.force_redirect = 0

    and that hasn’t worked either.

    Since first trying these solutions months ago, I had my host install Isapi Rewrite which has given me partial success, as in any posts added rewrite correctly. But pages don’t and continue to give me a 404 error unless I add a rule such as:

    RewriteRule /land-rover-links/ /\?page_id=194 [I,L]

    But this has to be done manually for every page. Tedious!

    But as this is a very Heath Robinson workaround I am now revisiting the issue and really want to get it finally nailed on the head.

    Can anyone shed any light on where my install is going wrong? I have emailed my host and asked if SERVER_SOFTWARE has been blocked and await an answer as per:

    “Server Blockage: Your host might have blocked the SERVER_SOFTWARE variable and this will cause WordPress’ .htaccess generation to fail.”


    Thanks in advance,


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  • I don’t think the .htaccess file extension is used in a Windows (IIS) server environment. I could be mistaken, but I think that .htaccess is directory level file usually intended for use with (primarily) the Apache web server.

    Sounds about right. I certainly have it and permalinks working on my WP installs on Apache servers at work.

    It’s just my personal install on IIS6 that is causing me grief.

    Although, it seems that after all that hassle I have it working… I have followed the custom 404 path as described here:

    and so far all my permalinks are working, except for my eShop plugin which seems unable to add an item to the basket but I can work with the dev on that one.

    thanks for your input, see… a problem shared is a problem halved!

    Seems that 404 redirect is not the answer as it ruins the php session and means that I can’t add anything to my basket.

    So, it is back to the drawing board to try and find a proper permalinks fix for my install.

    Surely someone has it working on IIS6 and can give me some pointers?


    IIS 6 is not going to support pretty permalinks in the sense that Apache does. (meaning without work-arounds and hassles). IIS does not support mod_rewrite. Pretty permalinks require mod_rewrite.

    Using “Pretty” permalinks


    * Apache web server with the mod_rewrite module installed

    That being reiterated, here is a link to a potential solution without the need for 404 redirects. Try it at your own discretion.


    Did you manage to solve this issue? I’m facing exactly the same problem and can’t find the right solution anywhere!I’m on an IIS6 shared server so don’t have admin rights either.My blog is in a sub folder which I think may have implications too.

    My host suggests the same as what you were doing – rewrite rules with ISAPI(they have it installed) for every new page. But seriously, that is a tedious path to go down, especially if you are posting fresh content more than once a week!

    The other concern I have is that the solutions with the custom 404’s cannot be good for seo. Surely Google seeing a site full of 404s cannot work in your favour.

    So now I’m a bit stuck. Is there any way to automate my rewrite rules so that I can have a custom permalink structure of category/postname/ or /postname/ without having to add rewrite rules for every new post or am I forced to go down the route of having index.php/category/postname? I’m really hoping you may have found the answer!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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