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  • Ok, i have searched the boards already and think that my issue with .htaccess is different than what i am finding, so i thought i would post this problem/question. I have been attempting to update the permalink on our “test” site to something different than the default and am receiving the error that states “WordPress cannot update the .htaccess file, please check the permissions…bla bla bla”. Our configuration is a bit different than normal:

    Current Setup:

    1 – internal wordpress server used specifically for administrative work on the site
    2 – external, DMZ/load balanced servers that are forward facing and access the mysql database and wordpress information via read-only NFS mounts.

    Inside WordPress, we have different entries for the wordpress URL and the site URL.
    The wordpress url is the name of the server that the software is administrated from and the wp-admin is accessed via. The site URL is the outside facing URL that the world see’s, but is not the name of our server that it is running on. This is how all of our “non-wordpress” web servers are configured as of this time.

    Now, no matter what we do, WordPress says that .htaccess is not accessible and cannot be created.

    As a test, I backed up and restored, via backupbuddy, the wordpress installation and restored it to a machine, that is a clone of the current admin server and attempted to do the same thing and it works. The only difference is that on the cloned server, the site/wordpress url are the same. There is not external url added or associated with this test server.

    I am just wondering if it is just because of the way we are using WordPress?? We have need for high up time and availability which is why we need load-balanced servers and multiple forward facing web servers. I know our configuration is not the “norm” for WordPress and can only think that it is the reason for these issues.

    thanks and i hope this all makes sense. Kinda at the point of pulling my hair out with all the “quirks” of wordpress.

    (BTW, this is our first attempt at using wordpress for some of our smaller sites)

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