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    After attempting to ugprade to the newest version of WordPress (and the newest version of Yoast), this following issue started:

    Any time I added or edited a blog post, and/or edited a posts SEO settings in the Yoast settings, my .htaccess file was edited to include a line at the end that was some broken portion of the line (no quotes): “#END WordPress”

    The line could have been any number of these combinations:

    ND WordPress

    In other words, it was that “#END WordPress” but not complete. This incomplete line of code would cause the site to get a 500 Server Error whenever attempting to go to my url.

    I’ve contacted my hosting, my theme developer, and wordpress, and they all say its a plugin causing this but they don’t know which. The most likely culprit would be Yoast SEO because of the requirements for making this happen.

    In the meantime I’ve restored a backup from right before I updated to 3.5.1 and the new version of Yoast (I’m using a version from January) and I’ll stick with it for now, but has anyone ever seen this behavior or have any ideas about why it’s happening? Or any suggestions as to what other plugin it could be that is causing it?

    Obviously when the time comes that I NEED to upgrade, I’m just gonna have to upgrade each plugin one by one to see if/when the problem re-arises, but like I said, the most likely would be this one, so I figured I’d ask on here.

    Thanks so much for your feedback/input.

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  • David,
    I’ve seen the same problem, well very similar. Since the only plugin I’m using that touched .htaccess is this one and when I disable it and edit the file, then reactivate it and the problem returns, I don’t know what else it could be.

    My file doesn’t have partial words like yours, it just has many instances of the permalink rewrite – the whole thing – and then multiples of just #BEGIN WORDPRESS #END WORDPRESS.

    Do you have anything else in your .htaccess file? I have a customized file which includes stuff for caching, security, and optimization. I’m trying to drill down here to see if it is an interaction with the coding I’ve put in or if it is just going to happen anyway.


    Here’s something interesting for you. I managed to fix this problem finally a few days ago by getting rid of a plugin called “Simple Backup” … It wasn’t Yoast SEO after all. I only figured this out after restoring a backup to a few days ago when everything was working and then seeing the issue come back and THEN realizing that I had just installed the “Simple Backup” plugin that morning. So I got rid of it and no more messing with my .htaccess. So I think in all cases this must be an issue of misconfigured or crappily made plugins… I’m going with crappily made for Simple Backup since I didn’t even do any adjustments to settings or anything, just right out of the box, as soon as it was installed the issue arised.

    Hope this helps for you and anyone else that finds this thread.

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