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.htaccess file problems (2 posts)

  1. kaiwinyeung@gmail.com
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey hello WordPress friends :)

    A brief description of my problem:
    My .htaccess file has no coding at all in it, it's just empty. Can you point me to anywhere that will show me what sort of coding should be in there.......?

    I have 2 warnings from 2 of my security plugins:
    From BulletProof Security, "BPS Alert! An htaccess file was NOT found in your wp-admin folder."

    And from Ultimate Security Checker, "Files & folders permission check: Your .htaccess is unsecured!"

    A detailed description of my problem:
    About 2 weeks ago my website was hacked. I tried to "fix" it about a week ago, and tried my best to increase the website's security. The thing is I"m not at all an expert with these things :( And I think I made a mess.

    The mess I made, I think, was when I installed a plugin called "Ultimate Security Checker". I don't know how familiar you are with that, but it works through a check list of items that would improve security. The one I think I messed up is changing a setting within the .htaccess file, or changing it's location... or something and I really can't remember what I did :(

    Now I can't publish new blog posts to make them visible at http://whiteheightsmedia.com/blog/
    The post will be published actually (for example http://whiteheightsmedia.com/2012/08/test/ ) but won't be visible at our blog address.

    And now I'm receiving 2 warnings, 1 from the Ultimate Security Checker, which says, "Files & folders permission check: Your .htaccess is unsecured!"
    The other from BulletProof Security, which says, "BPS Alert! An htaccess file was NOT found in your wp-admin folder"

    I called our website hosts yesterday, and the guy at first tried to fix the .htaccess file... but then the whole website went down (some warnings came up when trying to view the various pages). I uploaded a back up of the website and we can now view it again.

    HOWEVER, that back up was made AFTER the hackers made a mess of everything, and it includes the stuffed up .htaccess file. I had a final conversation with the friendly support dude today. He showed me how to access and edit the .htaccess file in my Cpanel (but couldn't show me where to find it among the folders). I could see there's no coding at all in the file. But the support dude didn't dare to do anything again to the .htaccess file again...

    So even though I'm not at all any kind of web expert, from all of my reading over the last few days, I think the problem is with my .htaccess file. Even though I can see there's no code in the .htaccess file, I'm not sure how to repair it, or even what sort of code should be in there.

    Can anyone please help? I would be happy to be pointed in the right direction to find what code I can copy and then paste into my .htaccess file... Some simple solution like that :)

    Eagerly awaiting your help :D
    Here is my photography website, if it helps:

  2. Pothi Kalimuthu
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Kaiwin,

    I see there are two issues.

    - Security - I'm no expert in this field. So, not much to say. You may want to go through an article on hardening WordPress.

    - On posts, not appearing on the /blog/ section of your site, it could be an issue with your site's permalinks. You may want to update the permalinks that should put the necessary code in the correct .htaccess file of your site.

    Hope this helps.


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