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    I am very new to WordPress and so far on a slow learning curve, so please, bear with me.

    I have done some looking around at some of the different posts with this similar issue however, I was hoping someone would be able to help me with this issue because I can't seem to find the exact same issue within the other posts.

    I am trying to give WordPress it's own directory. I have the WordPress address at:


    and I have the Site Address at:


    Now, when I go into my FTP client to find my index.php file and my .htaccess file, I am unable to find my .htaccess file. I have made sure hidden files are being shown. I have changed my permalinks settings in hope that WordPress would create the .htaccess file, with no luck. I have tried re-downloading the WordPress zip file and reinstalling it on my database multiple times, and still no luck. The only .htaccess file I can find is in the main directory of my site (http://www.example.com/) but this file was there when I first ever opened the file manager so I don't think this is the WordPress file, plus shouldn't it be located in the sub-directory where I installed WordPress? (http://www.example.com/ex_/)

    I opened the .htaccess file in the main directory (http://www.exapmle.com/) and it reads:

    # BEGIN WordPress
    # END WordPress

    That's all. Is this the .htaccess file I've been looking for? It's just randomly in the wrong place?

    I very much appreciate your help.

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