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  • Hi
    How come my htaccess file won’t work properly?
    For quite a while I’ve had a problem with the internal links on our site not pointing to http://etc but to feed://etc – which practically makes the site inaccessible.
    More precisely: When I hover the links, they appear ok in the bottom status line in the browser window, but clicking it sends me off to my feed reader or a comment feed list.

    This problem starts almost every time I add a new topic to the site, – and the solution is to upload a new htaccess file. This works even if the contents of the httacces files locally and on the server appear identical.
    I’ve tried to alter the permissions, but the same happens with 444 and 644 (which I have it on now).

    I’ve run several sites for years and never encountered anything like this – but have struggled with this one for weeks (to narrow it down).
    I also should add that the picture isn’t consistent – just now after replacing the htaccess file, the problem reappeared, and replacing htaccess (or the wp-config.php file, an other possible culprit) doesn’t help. Confusing!

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated


    PS Have asked previously about this here.
    WP 3.4.2 with Alyeska theme and not too many plugins (which I’ve also deactivated one by one without luck).
    Permalinks set to /%category%/%postname%/ – a possible source? Altered it to /%postname%/ (one of the standard choices) and it works, but as I said, nothing appeasr consistent her.

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