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  • Just installed multisite and images didn’t show on a sub domain.

    In the initial install, wordpress created two .htaccess files.

    1. .htaccess
    2. .htaccess-dist

    I said to myself WTF? I hate mysteries and bad beta testing.

    I googled, and no info, not even a description of the mysterious .htaccess-dist file

    I looked at both files and changed the name of the .htaccess-dist to .htaccess and changed the .htaccess to pinkhtaccess. That solved my image problem.

    I know .htaccess files are for junior admins, but thats what we got.

    So the mystery .htaccess-dist file had the right info I would assume.

    Any feedback on if I might have broke something else or did something improper, please let me know.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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