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  • In trying to change the permalinks url to date/post-title WP requests an htaccess update.

    I’ve tried placing htaccess:

    -at the same level as WP files – the same level as wp-content ::: this disables the blog with server error

    -at the theme directory level – this disables the CSS

    I’ve seen other posts about broken stylesheet links when using htaccess on the forums but have not found a solution.

    How to have WP rewrite permalinks using htaccess and retain the stylesheet link?

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  • .htaccess should be in the WP root.
    To update it from the WP admin the file must be chmod 666 (bad security practice).
    Preferable is to c & p the code from the permalink page bottom when you change it.

    You are on apache/nix?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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