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    the plug-in installs successfully. but when you click on the Star in the editor in order to insert a recipe, NO FORM WILL POP UP.

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  • Plugin Author Dave Doolin


    Work in progress on this. Just released a new version with cleaner javascript.

    HRecipe was working fine up until a few minutes ago. Now when I click on the star HRecipe form does not pop up. I haven’t made any changes within my site. I am a little confused, not sure why it would stop working for no apparent reason. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Also is there a help forum and user guide to access. I have a few questions and not sure where to post them.

    Thank you!



    @ doolin,
    The plugin works great, but I wish that there was a UI element to select new <li></li> elements as I am adding ingredients and parts for “instructions”. Additionally I have <h4> defined elsewhere on my blog, is there a way to select the title of a recipe and reset it to some other <h value> like <h3>, without hand editing the code each time? Or is the h4 part of the micro format?

    Plugin Author Dave Doolin


    @miavitadolce, @sil.linguist – try the version released yesterday, that should clear it up.

    If you find any other plugin conflicts, please let me know. I’ll fix or workaround everything I can. I’m bringing hrecipe up to WordPress coding standards for the 3.+ versions over the next couple of weeks, while working hard to keep everything working correctly.

    Thanks for your patience, and thanks for reporting your issue here. It really helps.

    Plugin Author Dave Doolin


    @sil.linguist – you should be able to control h4 formatting via the hrecipe css file. Send me a link to an example on your site, I’ll should be able to show you how to do that.

    <h?> values are not part of the specification, so no worries there. Having the values properly ordered and nested doesn’t hurt SEO though.

    Overall, formatting is a bit of challenge from the programming side, because everyone wants something different, yet all need to satisfy the hrecipe microformat specification. I have notions about how this could be done, as always, finding time implement is the biggest challenge.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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