• I am currently running hrecipe version 0.6.1 It works great with the exception of the the cooktime and preptime coding. Google seems to like the following html coding Preparation Time: <span class=”preptime”>10 minute(s)<span class=”hritem value-title” title=”PT0H10M”> </span></span> but the wordpress coding always defaults to <span class=”preptime”>10 minute(s)</span> which they won’t except. Each time I have to change the coding manually. I am just wondering if anybody knows of a fix for this problem?

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  • If you’re using the visual editor side (tinymce), and switch back and forth to the html view, TinyMCE often strips tags.

    There is very little that can be done about that.

    I can’t say anything more without being able to reproduce the problem, which I haven’t ever been able to do. It’s been reported one time previously, but that person was not able to document their workflow or how to reproduce it.


    Thanks Dave,

    Yes that’s exactly what is happening. I guess the only thing I can do is do my editing in the html view or add the coding again at the end of my revisions. If you, or anybody else, happens to hear of a fix, please let me know.

    Actually, many people have ditched TinyMCE in favor of CKEditor plugin — which evidently works better.

    @djhood61 – sounds like a workable if tedious plan for now.

    @wpyogi – thank you, I may look into CKeditor myself.

    As more people demand schema and microformatting, I suspect WP will have to do something eventually.

    There are also TinyMCE-related plugins which allow users to exert finer-grained control over how the component behaves.

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