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    I revised the Relaxation 3 col theme (with lots of help here) almost four years ago for Now I have a problem.

    My problem is that I can’t remember how or where I told WordPress not to look in the wpcontent/themes/relaxation_3_col/images folder for images. Instead I have it looking in wpcontent/images.

    That has worked fine until now. But now I’ve installed a salespage template add-on inside the relaxation_3_col folder that needs WordPress to look in relaxation_3_col/images for its images. The call is written as: url(images/wpsalespage/check.gif);

    I’ve uploaded the ‘wpsalespage’ folder containing its images for the addon template into relaxation_3_col/images but it doesn’t find them.

    That is because, I assume, at some point I figured out where to change the path to images to wpcontent/images. But I don’t know where or how I did that.

    I’ve looked at index.php and don’t see where there I might have fiddled with this. (And I’ve actually been looking at different files for hours and haven’t found it.)

    Is this somewhere in the loop? Or where? Please… Any ideas? Or is there an easy way to rewrite that call url(images/wpsalespage/check.gif); so that it will look in wpcontent/ for the images folder? If so, what would that code look like?

    Thank you,

    Edited addition: P.S. I’ve also uploaded the ‘wpsalesletter’ images folder into the wpcontent/images folder and the template editor does not find them.

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