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  • hi

    first of all, I tried searching but didnt find anyone with the exact same problem as me.
    when i post regular through the admin panel there is no border around the pictures.
    if i email entry to the blog with postie and then goto options, configure postie and click “run postie” there is no border.
    but if I wait until the cronjob sets in after few minutes there is border around the pictures, please, is there anybody who can help me with that?
    somewhere I can set it global to be no borders around pictures?

    also, it seems that the picture that has been throug the cronjob open simply the picture on the and entire new page, same window though.
    but if i click run postie or add picture normal through admin panel theres a neat popup with pictures instead.
    so can someone please tell me how to make that global as well?
    so every pictures that is clicked on open up in a new popup?

    thank you for all the help.

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  • It might be the css of the theme that is giving the border problem. can you drop a link to an example in your site?

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