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  • haha very cool, great idea.

    Awesome podz! =) Bookmarked it now..thanks for that.. =)


    Good one podz, set it up this afternoon, good way to check out version 2.

    Where do I download this USB stick plugin?


    You can see my post on this and a very good use for it here –
    WordPress on a Stick for Meeting Notes




    podz – that’s probably the coolest thing I’ve seen since Firefox on a stick….

    kaf – hardy-har-har!


    way cool

    Ok, I’m a dope …

    This isn’t designed to keep any WP settings, posts, etc. (anything stored in the database) is it?

    I can setup the webserver and WP fine. It installs and runs fine. But if I restart the webserver (or like when my daughter disconnects my stick), I lose my install and have to create a new database (I see ‘wordpress’ there but it can’t find the tables) and start over.

    Granted, it’s no biggie when I’m testing and just playing around — but I would like to setup a test system to use for a presentation for work in a few weeks, and would like to just be able to plug in my stick and have a ready-made test system waiting on me.

    Update: I turned off the 3 options to delete log/tempfiles after stopping WOS and restarted and all of my data came up as if it were online. A bug perhaps? (I didn’t think the deletion of logfiles would erase database data?)

    So anyways, thought I’d post that here in case anyone else ran into this.

    Thank you for posting that solution, Nitallica — you saved me an untold amount of time! — Cheers!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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