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  • Thanks for this input a lot. I’m new to wordpress and had it running in no-time. Now the tricky part will be to customize it 🙂 I have one question; how did you get all the thumbnails the same size (130 wide) even the portrait one. They are showing up here 130 high here.

    Hi Bob – thanks … the portrait ones I still have to do manually (i.e. this means I do a landscape crop of the portrait image and scale it to 130px wide).

    Paintshop Pro and other graphic programs, and even independent shareware programs like Batch Edit, will do automatic batch reductions and thumbnails. In Paintshop Pro, look under File > Batch > Process and select the images you want to thumbnail and have them copied to a new directory (make the new directory first). There is a built in script to have the thumbnails reduced to the max height or width (figures it all out) of 150 pixels, but I also created one that changed that to 250 for larger thumbnails.

    Takes about 1 minute to do dozens of images depending upon your processor speed and such.

    Hi lorelle, how does it create 130px wide thumbnails of portrait images without stretching the image??? You should have a look at my archives to understand the problem Bob described

    It does not stretch the images. It automatically figures out what the height should be and sets the maximum height or width to whatever it is set for. The default script is for thumbnail 150px. You can copy that and edit the script to make it whatever you want. It maintains the original size ratio beautifully. I use it all over my site in my gallery pages for thumbnails and resizing images for years.

    See your thumbnails

    and then see mine:

    and click on the screaming man with the guitar – you shall see it’s a portrait picture although it shows up as a landscape – no offence but I like my approach a bit more 😉

    Razzi, thanks for the prompt answer. Maybe I’ll do it by hand or leave it the way it is. Or think of something in CSS. I’ll let you know when I’m online with the site.

    OK great – let us know the results.

    p.s. added some screenshots to the howto

    Great, thank you!

    Hi Razzi, I decided to leave the thumbnails as is for now. It doesn’t bother me much.
    The log is now online at There is still some fine-tuning to do and it needs to grow of course. But it works fantastic, thanks!

    Hi Bob – it looks very nice … well done

    This tutorial is great and very well adapted for use.

    You are welcome

    Hi guys,

    I have been following this thread and trying to use the howto myself. Although I followed the razzis howto step by step I stumbled upon several problems I’ll describe here and maybe those of you who were successful can give me a helping hand.

    1. I had problems installing photopress, I found out I had to copy the album.php into /wordpress not /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/photopress – I am in contact with the author to find out why this had to be done on my installation.
    2. Album.php does not work – it had to be copied like I said so the plugin works at all, but still I can’t use album.php (not very important I just want to use it like in the howto)
    3. post display is a little bit strange: the pictures inside a category do not get shown in 5×6 square like on razzis site, instead they all show underneath each other. you can check it here:
    help on this would be very much appreciated.
    4. I’d like to have more categories – some of them textbased so I want to exclude these from the random picture function that shows random posts on the right side – any hints on how to achieve this?

    Hi Ovidiu,

    I can’t give support on photopress (maybe, it’s because I used an older version), but for the tumbnails, you have to make sure you did everything as outline on my page (i.e. make sure you don’t have anything but the img tag in your excerpts. (als make sure you use Disable WPautop)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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