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  • Sorry, this is a (modified) copy of a previous question which had
    a bad topic.


    new with wordpress, I have some diffculties to realize
    the follwing:

    My site offers book reviews.

    A list of posts for one category has to be be displayed
    on the first / home / frontpage (index) with just a short title and author info, one line with (e.g.) 10 lines / entries, offering the feature for the user to get the next / previous (e.g. 10) entries displayed (i.e. to “scroll” forward / back within all entries).

    So far I display all entries of the accordant category (reviews) but with some 100/100 reviews to come… 😉

    Perhaps, someone outhere can help?

    I would be grateful for your information

    bigfellow, Berlin / Germany

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