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    I’m looking to create a “subpage” that is a listing of only article titles (much like a newsboard – instead of the default, which is blog-style) ….

    What’s the easiest way to go about doing this?

    My site is:

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  • Delete the_content tag from the Loop.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doing that would display only article titles on my Default/Home/Main page. That’s not what I’m looking to do.

    I’m looking to create a seperate “Page” (like “About Us”) that would be a listing of just the article titles.

    Not necessarily. I meant to delete it in the template file that is used to display that list.

    However, if it is about a Page – it becomes more complicated: Pages are not meant to display multiple posts, so you will have to mess around more with the code. Unfortunately, I am not a coder.

    Is this somehow possible with RSS?

    I really want to create an “alternative view” for my visitors where they can view the site in blog-form (default) or view it in “newsboard-form” where its just a listing of the headlines w/no pictures or descriptions


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    Sure… You will need a custom template – look here for how-to:

    You can start by copying index.php, removing the loop from it and using get_posts() to display only the titles:

    After that just make a new page and use your template…

    Anther possibility … You could tweak the srg_clean_archives plugin to do what you want. It displays a list of posts by title and date (beginning with most recent) and may be mounted on a page.

    My head hurts, I appreciate the help but I’m not really understanding how to do this :-/

    Holy crap I sorta got it

    Now how do I put that inside the site’s normal header and footer? I’m gonna try to figure it out but any hints would be helpful!! 🙂

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    Yep, looks right. That took you exactly 11 min to do, not bad 🙂

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