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  • I run and pick up tons of telecom stories at, and until now I could only pass on a few of them to my readers. Now it’s about 4 clicks to post from to, and I can add whatever content I want to the post (to give it my own perspective).

    One problem: it always posts under my ‘Site Admin’ default category.

    I created a special “my telecom picks from” category to give fair credit and distinguish that content from my own original writings. I’ve changed my default category to the “my telecom picks from” instead of ‘Site Admin’ in both Options>Writing >Default Post Category and in the >Writing by Email section on the same page.

    It still posts under ‘Site Admin’ and I have to manually change it each time.

    How can I get it to post under the right category?

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  • *** bump ***

    I searched the support forums and the wiki, which returns no results for even the basic search term ‘digg’. I imagine this will change soon since now supports blogging directly to your wordpress blog and kevin rose has stated he may switch to wordpress.

    For now, however, can anyone help me change the default category that my stories post to? I’ve changed it in the only two places I see, and it still goes to my default.

    Thanks in advance

    wow, still no answer. I keep looking but it seems this may be an early problem not identified yet.

    if the reason for no answer is i have offended or upset anyone, please accept my sincerest apologies and ignorance of my offending actions. i cannot think of anything specific, but one can never be too sure.

    Please don’t bump especially when you haven’t even waited a day before bumping twice. By bumping, as well as selfishly pushing other people’s queries down, you’ve also made it less likely to get a response as many of us scan the forum for threads with 1 reply.

    Now on my blog, I’ve changed the default post category via Options>Writing >Default Post Category. Now when I go in to post via WP, this category is correctly selected.

    However, if you post from outside of WP i.e. via another client, you may hit the problem described in this thread which also contains a fix. This other thread may also be of help.

    ouch, you are absolutely right and i am absolutely wrong and selfish.

    i made the newby error that if my post fell off the first page nobody would ever get to it. i’ve had such great responses the few times i’ve asked before that i figured nobody cared to help. again, my bad.

    yes, the first thing i did was to change Options>Writing>Default Post Category to the one I wanted. I also changed the default post by mail category just in case.

    i checked both those threads and they are also unresolved (or they appear to be ).

    it seems to be an ongoing WP problem, unless someone else has a fix. i will resign myself that WP is not perfect and move on

    again no harm or selfishness intended.

    I didn’t understand your question to begin with. Let me see if I have this right.

    You hang out on the digg site and collect stories posted there and link to them on your site and you want them to be in a specific category? Right?

    Or you run their feed or something. Am I on track?

    At the bottom of your Write Post panel in your Admin is a javascript link called “Press It”. Click and drag to your bookmark tool bar or favorites or link bar. When viewing a web page with content you would you like to share with your users, highlight the content you want to share and click the Press It link or button on your browser. It will automatically popup a new browser window with your Write Post panel inside. Well, an abbreviated version. And whatever you had highlighted on that web page will not be inside of the post along with a link to the site.

    Type what you want and then select a category and either Save as DRAFT or PUBLISH and it is done. Next.

    WordPress is NOT perfect. It is evolving, but in order to figure out how to help you, we have to have a better understanding of your issue.

    Also, you have learned that just because your post slides off the front page, it will not be ignored unless there isn’t a volunteer who can come up with an answer. Always consider your question carefully to make sure you are providing a full and coherent request. And if you need more help, see the WordPress Codex and/or:

    thanks for teaching me my lesson; i admitted i am a newbie, again i apologize for my blunderings and bothering you with my stupid questions and i thank you for your gracious help

    as i said, has a new feature called ‘blog this’.

    i see a story occassionally that has to do with my subject (telecom), so i click ‘blog this’ for that specific story, and it will post that story as a post to my own blog. you can see it at on every post they have there.

    it is their own version of ‘press it’, which i have tried and could not get to work.

    it posts as a post; i am not running their feed (which i found to be the topic of most posts on this forum).

    my specific problem is it posts in my default category. i have changed my default category under options>writing. it still posts in my (old ) default category, not the new one i have changed the default to.

    again thanks if anyone has an idea. explains how it works as does this article. It’s incredibly easy.

    If your posts post to the default category, and you changed it, then double check that you made the correct change. It should be there.

    Also, if you are having trouble getting Press It to work, which is very simple and better than digg’s blog it, consider getting this Notepad Plugin which also features a Press It like feature which allows you to “take notes” and then turn those notes into posts. Very neat.

    But get Press It working and the rest of this is null.

    well i did get Press It to work this time, so that’s cool. i’ll definitely be able to use it for other sources i report.’s ‘blog this’ function does two things Press It will not:

    1-Provide the link to the actual story instead of just to

    2-Fill in the original posting author’s words.

    yes, i could just go to the source link myself and do a write-up. the ‘blog this’ is much faster for me to use, and i feel compelled to give credit to the original person who reported the information.

    so thanks anyways for the help, and i did get press it to work for me as a result of this. i’m thinking i’ll just have to wait for to update their functions and i’ll have to keep logging in to change those categories.

    if that’s the worst to happen i’m still ahead of the game.

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