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  • My problem, I can’t call the categories from a woocommerce shops. I know that these categories are special terms. I am using a plugin that can do a chain select.

    <a href="">

    This plugin works fine, if you call the standard categories from wordpress like this:

    $taxurl = get_option( ‘category_base’ );

    this snippet is used to build a link to the category.

    The taxonomy for the shop is called product_cat, but whatever I try, I can’t catch the the categories to build a path. What I am doing wrong? What function can I try to get the categories from the woocommerce shop?

    This is the complete function to understand my problem.

    function chainselect_init($tax, $level, $titles, $labels, $btn_text, $exclude, $count) {
    	 echo "<div id='chainselect_wrap' class='$tax cs_count_$count'>";
    		 $categories = get_terms( $tax, array('parent' => 0, 'exclude' => $exclude) );
    		 if ($labels) {
    		 	echo "<label for='chainlist_1'>$labels[0]</label>";
    		 echo "<select id='chainlist_1'>";
    			echo  "<option>$titles[0]</option>";
    		 foreach ($categories as $cat) {
    			 if ($count == 1) { $cat_count = " ($cat->count)"; } else { $cat_count = ''; }
    			 echo  "<option id='$cat->slug' value='$cat->term_id'>$cat->name$cat_count</option>";
    		 echo "</select>";
    		 if ($level > 1) {			
    			for ($x = 1; $x < $level; $x++) {
    				if ($labels) {
    					echo "<label for='chainlist_". ($x + 1) ."'>$labels[$x]</label>";
    				echo "<select id='chainlist_". ($x + 1) ."' disabled>";
    					echo  "<option>$titles[$x]</option>";
    				echo "</select>";
    		 <strong>$taxurl = get_option('category_base');</strong>
    		 $siteurl = get_option('siteurl');
    		 echo "<input type='hidden' id='chainselects_taxurl' name='chainselects_taxurl' value='$taxurl' />";
    		 echo "<input type='hidden' id='chainselects_siteurl' name='chainselects_siteurl' value='$siteurl' />";
    		 echo "<input type='button' id='chainselects_submit' class='$tax' value='$btn_text' /><span id='chainselects_loading'></span>";
    	 echo "</div>";	 

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