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  • Some notes which may be useful to others. I wanted to add Welsh as a back-end language.

    Install the plugin.
    On Settings -> Native Dashboard, ensure “Extend Backend Admin Bar” is ticked, or it won’t work.
    Also ticked “Extend Personal Profile Settings” to allow individual users to choose tehir own back-end language.

    Download the current Welsh version from and untar.
    Copy the following files from wordpress/wp-content/languages/ to <your_server>/wp-content/languages/:
    This is not strictly necessary, but it’s neater to also rename them to the standard i18n format:

    In wp-content/plugins/wp-native-dashboard, open language-names.php and add the line:
    ‘cy’ => ‘Cymraeg’,
    ‘da’ => ‘Dansk’,

    Copy the Welsh flag into the img/countries folder, naming it cy_GB.gif.
    Make a copy of that and name it cy.gif.
    The images are gifs of dimensions 18 x 12.

    In the css folder, open style.css and add the lines:
    .csp-cy { background:transparent url(../img/countries/cy.gif) no-repeat 2px top !important; }
    .csp-cy_GB { background:transparent url(../img/countries/cy_GB.gif) no-repeat 2px top !important; }
    before the line:
    .csp-da { background:transparent url(../img/countries/da.gif) no-repeat 2px top !important; }

    Refresh the Native Dashboard settings – you should now see Cymraeg listed as an installed language, and it should be appearing in the language switcher in the top left-hand corner.

    To set Welsh as the front-end (user-facing) default, in wp-config.php, edit:
    define(‘WPLANG’, ”);
    to read:
    define(‘WPLANG’, ‘cy_GB’);

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