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    1. You could check your server logs or stats to see how often the feed files are accessed, but this is technically inaccurate since it displays how often the feed files are accessed, not how many unique visitors access the feeds, and it won’t filter out bots either.

    2. If you politely asked all of your users to subscribe to your feed through Bloglines, you could keep track of how many Bloglines subscribers that your feed has, but this will still ignore non-Bloglines subscribers.

    3. If you ran your feed through Feedburner, you would be able to see detailed statistics of your feeds. These statistics would count unique readers, display which aggregators they use, and filter out bots. This probably is the best solution, but it does require the most work. See this for more details:

    You can tell roughly how many people are subscribing to your RSS feed, but you can’t tell who they are (even on bloglines, people can make their subscriptions private).

    Has anyone had any issues or problems with Feedburner? I am thinking of beginning to use it but wanted to see what others thought about it.

    Yes, I have had trouble with Feedburner and I dont recommend it.
    I found that it really only works well with Yahoo, but the
    other readers either sometimes show other peoples feeds
    or none at all.

    Im looking for a way to track my subscribers using something
    that is on my own server. Has anyone written something for

    Moderator James Huff


    What “other readers” are you referring to? I have several feedburner feeds in my daily feed-reading list and they work perfectly in RSSOwl (desktop reader), PulpFiction (desktop reader), Bloglines (online reader), Newsgator (online reader), Google Reader (online reader), and Rojo (online reader).

    FWIW, I’ve had no problems with Feedburner. As with statistics gathering with regular webpages, the tracking of unique subscribers will not be 100% accurate (consider how you track someone using bloglines or another webbased reader) but Feedburner appears pretty accurate as well as being easy to use.

    I have several accounts that I track the feeds on and I found that feeds through MSN, google etc, using running your feed through feedburner most all of the time brings up a feed that is not yours.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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