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  • Hey all. I’m about to create a site from scratch using wordpress with the new custom post types. I’m still pretty confused about how to organize, categorize, taxonomize, content.

    Here’s the scenario. This will be a portfolio site with the following types of art with room for new art types to be added in the future:

      photo illustration

    Each art type should have several portfolios and image types (landscape, portrait…). Photos should be able to live in several of these similar or as categories:

      portfolio 1
      portfolio 2
      portfolio 3

    I do not want to use the blog for this purpose. Blogs are for blogging!

    I’m pretty new to these wordpress complexities.

    What would be the ideas strategy to achieve this? Create a different post type for each type of art?

    Would the strategy really only come down to url structure?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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