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  1. tracelemental
    Posted 5 years ago #

    If I may, I would like tap into your combined experience and wisdom of this community

    my website http://www.hepburnwind.com.au is currently a combination of an existing website with a wordpress "blog" tacked on.

    We want to move the entire site to wordpress.

    At the moment the blog is installed on /blog sub directory. Obviously when the site becomes full wordpress, It will need to operate at the root directory.

    So my question is, out of the following options, how would you attack this

    a) do a complete separate install of wordpress for the NEW site and leave everything else as is for the time being – work on migrating the bucket loads of old historical information that needs to be migrated and then get rid of the old website and blog when I'm ready to go live

    b) work of the existing blog in the subdirectory and just migrate the necessary components to root when I'm ready to migrate - most of the information will be residing on pages - I'm a little concerned that the migration to the root would involve alot of renaming and stuffing around using this approach

    c) something else I've not thought of yet


  2. Tara
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  3. GRAQ
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    More reading!


    I think people move their WP blog around fairly easily these days.

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