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  • Howdy guys,

    I’m new here and was recommended to the site for support based off what I’m needing. I figured I would give it a try and see what I could come up with.

    So basically, I have a template I’m working on.. This is my first type of wordpress development and so far it’s going great!

    The basis of this template is to take the existing theme and adopt it’s design. The only difference is, it removes the sidebar to make the page a one column theme.

    Well, I want to add in a few more functions with it that the users can access by selecting my template as the layout when they create a new page. I’m just unsure of how I could code it, being new and was hoping this community could help me out with it 😉

    So, here is a list of what I would love to do:

    I want a new section like the comments, author, revisions, etc… Boxes that pop up when creating a new post. This section will hold all of the following information and abilities:

    Change BG Color:

    This will allow the user to change the background color of the page.
    A pop up color scheme menu will show that will allow them to just choose there color, and it automatically puts in the hex value, altering the background color.

    Upload Logo:

    This will allow the user to put in a header url to have it show rather than the current themes header.

    Hide Navigation:

    If checked, this will hide the navigation menu from view on the desired page using the template with this function checked. This will be a check box they tick.


    I would like to add in a box that users can add HTML anchor links to link to various information (TOS, Affiliates, Disclaimer, ETC…) an alternative box allowing the user to post google analytics code would be great, although it’s not required.

    Well, that’s it folks. I hope I can get some help with this and turn this template into exactly how I imagine it. I don’t want to build it as a theme and everything needs to be in this single file if at all possible. If not, I need it in as few as files as possible while still being able to upload it to the active theme folder rather than turning it into a theme itself..


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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