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    I’ve used your Twitter widget in probably more than a dozen projects over the past few years. I love it for it’s ease of use, flexibility and power user options. Frankly, I love it.

    I’m concerned about Twitter sunsetting version 1.0 of their API. I’ve read you “Bad News” notice on the plugin homepage, but what I’m not clear about is how it will affect the usage of this plugin “in the wild.” Will those feeds just stop working all together? if so, is there any work in progress to update the plugin to be compatible with the newer version 1.1 of the API?

    Thanks for clarifying,


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    Hi Dave,
    I think the feeds will just stop working … we’re doing our best to provide a new (and easy to use) release in time, anyway the changes will require you to login in every site and complete the new authentication process.

    Thanks for the quick reply. That makes sense. I figured there would be some adjustments necessary. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

    And thanks for the awesome plugin!

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    Hi Dave,
    now the development version of the plugin is using the new 1.1 API. You can get it here.

    To have it working, you have to create a personal Twitter Application on the website. Within your Application, Twitter provides two strings: the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret.
    You also need two other strings, the Access Token and the Access Token Secret, that you can get in the same site following this guide.

    Finally, enter all the Authorization string in the widget options box, along with your favorite display settings: your Twitter Widget is now ready and active!

    You can use the same Authorization strings for several widgets and multiple website. Just remember to store them in a safe place!

    You also need to enable the CURL and OPENSSL extensions in your PHP environment.

    At the moment the new plugin is working in two website without issues. If you want, give it a try and let me know!

    Sweet! I’ll give it a shot here last this week. Thanks for the heads up!

    Everything looks to be working great for me.

    I do occasionally get a PHP notice with wp_debug enabled:

    NOTICE: wp-content/plugins/really-simple-twitter-feed-widget/really_simple_twitter_widget.php:231 – Undefined variable: no_cache_timeout

    Also, if there is no widget title set, it’d be nice to completely skip the <h2 class="widget-title"></h2> output, but that’s easily remedied with a bit of CSS for now.

    Thanks for all the hard work. I really appreciate it!

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    Hi Dave,
    the issues you notice are fixed in the 2.0.1 release out today.

    Looks great. Thank you again!

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