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  1. Samb0123
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    Hey All,

    I have built my Portfolio page and I want it to be easily up dateable they way I have written my code I hope is possible. I have 4 Panels in my Portfolio One for Web, Business Cards, Photos and Logos. They 4 Panels represent 4 places for content to be showed within WordPress is there anyway I can Create 4 posts or pages with the Content I need for each panel and then Import That into the Relevant DIV?

  2. esmi
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  3. Samb0123
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    I need a better Explanation please lets say I want to echo Page ID 7 in Div_1 and Page ID 9 in Div_2 what would my code look like I have written most of the mark-up for you to save you some time. This is nothing what my actual project looks like I am just simplifying it so I can understand easier :).

    <div id="Div_1">
    <!--Page ID 7 in this DIV-->
    <div id="Div_2">
    <!--Page ID 9 in this DIV-->


  4. Samb0123
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