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  • Also, I’ve seen 3 blogs with the side colums ‘out of whack’…how can I avoid this:

    When you’ll have a blog up and you’ll decide about the theme you want to use, ask the questions.
    The kind of “theoretical” questions you are asking in the last several days are just spamming this forum. If you don’t know anything about html and/or css it doesn’t make sense to answer this kind of questions: What changes need to be made to get this?? – The answer is: change the width.

    How is it “spamming”? They are legit questions, and I’m not advertising ANYTHING. In fact, I’m SEEKING contractors, and SEEKING to integrate WP themes and applications into my sites.

    I don’t see the point in uploading a theme only to find out later, that I can’t make specific changes made to – that’s bad business. (ie It was made clear to me that I couldn’t easily change a 2-column theme to a 3-column, so I wasn’t sure whether or not this theme could be changed.)

    Where is the SUPPORT forum for those of us who are interested in using WP for our websites – but aren’t code ‘geeks’?

    Other platform providers have ‘presales’ forums for questions like mine.

    Not every company is a one man band with coders. I need to ask questions before making a final decision, and passing on direction to the people I’m HIRING to do the actual work.

    This is a well-done, and professional application. Too bad the ‘support team'(if, in fact, you’re on the support team) is impatient and rude.

    At least your rudeness has solved ONE issue for me…I’ll be crossing your ‘company’ off of my list of potential contractors.

    There are, to my knowledge, no official support team members for WordPress aside from the developers themselves.

    While Moshu has a point about the difference in asking a practical question and a theoretical one, it probably doesn’t really apply here.

    Any WordPress theme is basically a standard HTML file (or group of files, more likely) and standard CSS file. The HTML file contains template tags that let WordPress know where and how to display it’s information.

    So to modify a theme to be skinnier, you need to edit the CSS file for it to change the necessary widths. In some cases it’ll just be a single entry that needs to be changed, and it might need changing in 10 places. It’s very dependent on the theme you start with. Or you can develop a theme from scrath 🙂

    I’m not clear on what you meant by ‘out of whack’ – can you be more specific?

    Thank you Rusty! I appreciate your response.

    Regarding the ‘out of whack’ comments…

    On most sites using ‘Tri’, the two columns on the RIGHT SIDE are lined up.

    In the two examples I’ve posted, you have to scroll waaaaaay down to see where the content of one of the columns begins.

    see here:

    BTW, your blog is nice! Very ‘mod’ style 🙂

    Mmmkay. The columns not being lined up is quite often (i find) a result of one column being too wide to fit in the overall container.

    Let’s take a simple 2-column layout as an example. Say your main container (i.e. div) is 800px wide, and within that are your content container and your sidebar container. If the width of those two containers adds up to more than 800px, then sometimes the sidebar gets forced down below the content.

    Also, to change the width of the TriSexuality theme, there’s a bit more to it than just changing the widths in the CSS. The theme has what are called “faux columns” made with a background image (see more here). What this means is, to change the width of the theme as it comes out of the box, you need to resize this image as well as the “width” values in the style.css file. Hope that helps 🙂

    In Firefox, the 3 columns are perfectly aligned – they all start at the top of the page. Are you using an older version of Firefox/Mozilla or any version of IE? IE is a notorius standards-ignorer, and some designers (not all, not even most, but some) have decided to ignore IE development in favour of standards-based development (which *should* work fine in IE7 when it’s released).

    Anyhow, if your design (the one you end up with) does that wacky column thing, fishcakes is partly right, but it depends on the template. Most people designing for the web get screwed over by IE’s severly moronicly broken CSS box-model, and that looks like the problem on those two sites. I won’t go into detail on the box-model issues, as it’s covered in great detail pretty much everywhere else, but suffice it to say that a quick hack-patch of the CSS might fix that problem.

    Just make sure your design is tested in the major browsers, and always code to the standards first because it’s easier to hack for IE afterwards than code for IE then rewrite for standards-based browsers 😉

    Other platform providers have ‘presales’ forums for questions like mine.

    This is a well-done, and professional application. Too bad the ‘support team'(if, in fact, you’re on the support team) is impatient and rude.”

    Like RustIndy said, this is a volunteer forum. We’re all keen users of WP and devote our time and knowledge freely as a means to help the community.

    WP is an open-source product (hence the concept of a presales forum is incongruous. The best way to answer your questions and get a feel for the product is to download it and try it. Have a play around with it. It’s free (both as in beer and speech).

    With regards to the issue posed in this thread, the problem, strictly speaking, is not WP related but a CSS/HTML issue i.e. general web development stuff.

    – Thanks, Rusty…I’m using IE, so that might explain why I’m having viewing problems. I might have to look into Firefox – especially since it’s everywhere I surf, these days.

    – Gotcha, ifelse. I can appreciate that this is an open forum for an open source product. I haven’t had any problems prior to bumping into ‘what’s-his-name’, and I’ve appreciated reading other’s posts. As for downloading it and playing with it – no can do. All this code stuff is over my head. I REALLY wish someone would go into the WP install/plug in/design business. I’d be the first client in line. 😉

    – Fishcakes, thanks for the detailed explanation of the width issue. I figured there might be something more than just ‘change the width’.

    BTW, your wok-fried bream fish looks SOOOOOO darn tasty! I’m learning how to cook, too, so this caught my eye. 🙂

    An option you might look at then is one of the free WordPress hosts – some of them offer FTP access along with the setup, which might be useful. and are two offhand, and you can also check the Hosting section of this site to see other ones.

    I use only firefox, so I didn’t realize that my columns weren’t lined up. I’m a little lost on the whole coding thing, so could you be a little more specific on the ‘quick hack-patch of the CSS’?

    Hi Kristy –

    Just to describe a bit more what I’m seeing with IE…

    On my screen, your FAR RIGHT column doesn’t actually begin until I scroll down to the bottom of your last post. It’s completly blank green until then.

    I’ve noticed this same thing with that theme on a couple of other blogs. (not many, but a couple)

    kristyk – IE, as I am sure you are aware, is a noncompliant and buggy browser. I’ll spend a few minutes to try and hack sites to display properly in IE but beyond that it is not worth the time. The issue mentioned is apparently due to how IE displays additional elements in a fixed width. If something is too wide, it “breaks” the outer width and forces the whole column to “drop”. For most people here it has been an image that is too wide, but can be something else like an included javascript, etc..

    kristyk – I suspect it’s one of your search bars at the bottom that is bumping your column down. Try removing one at a time to idendify the culprit. My first guess is the ‘find by subject’

    yup, form boxes (like, say, text input boxes) are very common culprits for breaking CSS floats, as well as images. if they’re too wide (and text boxes are different widths in both IE and standards-compliant browsers, another complication), they can break an otherwise purty layout in certain (ahem) browsers.

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