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  • I have wp installed at root, it is managing the entire site. It is using a static page as the home page, using “Front page displays:” found under the Reading Options, the static page that is being used is a page template on the page “main”. On this I have a hard coded link to the sites blog, addressed to “/blog/”. When you follow the link to “blog” it will load what would normally be the blog index page with all recent posts, everything a regular index/home page would show.

    I have done this with one site/wp install, but I have not been able to repeat it. Is it a fluke or is there something repeatable.

    I would like to repeat this on another site but I cannot duplicate what I did, does anybody know what may have taken place.
    See it in action here:

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  • I figured this out. It is a mistake, the site that is doing this has no 404 page. So it is but it isnt doing this. Since there is no 404 page, and the link to /blog/ goes to a bad link, it displays the content from the index page.

    I guess I am back to the age old question about how to Really do this. While I dont mind this happening for the one site I cannot do this for others.

    I know its been asked a million times before
    Any advice?

    So you *want* it to go to the index page? And the reason it doesn’t is because there’s a 404 that exists?

    You can “remove” the 404…what I would do is write a 404 file (WordPress actually has a 404.php template file you can create), and have it just redirect (or just copy) the index.php file. That way, when the 404 comes up, it’ll display the index page, or just redirect to it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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