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  • Hello!

    This is not directly related to this plugin, but…

    I would like to have a quiz with a fill-in exercise. Sometimes the correct answer will include umlauted characters (ä and ö to be precise). Now some of my users will have keyboards, where there are no such characters directly available (like in a en-UK keyboard). Of course there is a way to type them using key-maps or character-codes on computers, but I would like to offer an easier alternative by having character buttons at the bottom of the quiz question. Like

    [    ] means evil (four letters)

    where the [ ] denotes a text field and [ä][ö] buttons, that will produce ä resp. ö into the field. So a user with an English keyboard could type b, press [ö], type s and type e to write “böse” into the field.

    Pointers to solution appreciated.

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