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  • I am trying to get my WordPress blogsite verified with Pinterest & it instructs me to “Add this meta tag to the <head> of your index.html file (or equivalent)”. I have no idea where that is, could someone please help me out? Thanks!

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  • The <head> refers to the the header section of the html which usually contains links to stylesheets and javscript. For WordPress, you should have a header.php file in your theme. Look for <head> and place the verification code immediately afterwards.

    Alternatively, if your theme has a “head code” option place your verification code there.

    thank you Rob I will see if I can muddle my way through 🙂 Im always so afraid of mucking it up beyond repair.

    So when I’m at my WP dashboard, which of the area on the left do I want to look for the header.php in? Settings? ProPhoto4 (which is the kind of WP blogsite I have)?

    You want to look for “editor” under “appearance”.

    Ok, I did. I wish I could attach a screen shot & show you what I see; first I see a nice red box that contains this dire warning : “You should never need to edit ProPhoto theme files using this page. We do not support questions or problems that arise from hand-editing theme files. More info on why you shouldn’t edit these files and how to accomplish what you want without editing them can be found here.” Below that is this (not sure how this will copy/paste but here goes):/*
    THEME NAME: ProPhoto
    DESCRIPTION: A super-theme for professional photographers. Huge pictures, slideshow header, Slideshow & lightbox post galleries, inline comments, professional bio area, completely customizable.
    VERSION: 4.1
    AUTHOR: ProPhoto Blogs
    TAGS: single column, two-column, slideshows, customizable, inline comments

    All styles for the theme are dynamically generated and
    written to a static .css file in wp-content/uploads/p4/static/
    Any CSS hand-edits should be added to the “Override Styles” section of “P4 Options > Settings > Advanced”

    /* do not edit this file, it is generated by the theme, any edits will be lost */

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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