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    Can we whitelist a particular useragent so that Wordfence doesn’t block it?

    I have set 404 not found maximum limit to 5 and a useragent “Mediapartners-Google” is blocked regularly due to accessing 404 not found pages.

    This useragent is used by Google for Adsense so its not good for my website to block it.

    How can I tell Wordfence to not block this useragent?

    Thank you.

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  • Hi @yet-another-wp-user,
    Unfortunately we don’t have a feature to whitelist by user agent. I’ll enter it as a feature request in our system but I’m not sure if we would implement it since user agent can easily be spoofed which means you wouldn’t just be whitelisting “Mediapartners-Google” but also anyone pretending to be “Mediapartners-Google”.

    Hope you have a good day!



    Would also like to see this feature. I understand you can spoof a user agent but would be nice to have the choice.

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    I would also like this feature.

    A user could add a random token to the user agent string that they whitelist, that could not be guessed by attackers.

    Sometimes it may be difficult to whitelist IP Address’ (even ranges), with the growing use of the “cloud”.

    I would like to see this as well, my software has a portal to access portions of our site that I would like to have a little bit easier access.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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