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  • you either pre-watermark them (most of the thumbnailing apps can do that), or you need a script that when requesting an image returns a watermarked version. I’m rolling my own home-grown solution(s), don’t know that I’ll make a public ‘plugin’ at this point.

    But there’s free PHP scripts that’ll do most of the work for you. Just search google. 😉


    I’ve Googled but haven’t quite come up with what I want.I’m hoping someone here has some specific knowledge of this and can point me in the right direction. 🙂


    Please roll out your solutions! Don’t be greedy. 🙁

    David -you have contributed many good-stuff’s, so “why not make this to public too?”

    the photopress plugin can add watermarks. make it say anything you want. size control too as i recall.


    actually – and don’t jump all over me again because I talk about tables :-))) – I’d love an automated/plugin version of the “transparent gif over picture” table, which I consider one of the best non-pro solutions for image theft. Or rather the “transparent gifs over sliced images in a table”-solution, which – when edited correctly – truly foils most people.

    A somewhat lesser alternative is to use a mouseover, which sadly won’t function with javascript turned off in browsers.

    By the way – the best solution without resorting to actual (and expensive) digimarking is using flash instead.

    For (batch-)pre-watermarking you can make a transparent gif with the watermark in it. This works best when your images all have a similar width. Most good photoprograms allow batch insertion of something and saving.

    use: Marekki’s watermark plugin:

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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