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  • I can’t send any pingback or trackback to my blog and I can’t see them in the “Comments” admin Page.
    I was trying posting using another blog with conditions:
    – add hyperlink to my post in the text of post
    – add hyperlink to my post in the “Send Trackbacks” metafield on the “Add New Post” page.

    In “Discussion Settings” panel I have properly settings for it (for my site and site to send trackbacks and pingbacks).

    What I do to send pingback or trackback to my site is correct?
    Where I can see pingbacks or trackbacks on my site? I try watch them in the wp_comments table of wordpress via phpmyadmin but there is nothing about trackbacks or pingbacks in that table. There is nothing in the “Comments” admin page also.

    I know little about pingbacks and trackbacks and I need help. I use wordpress 3.3.1 to send and get trackbacks (pingbacks).

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  • Have you enable your trackback option ?
    In my site that is about Food Blog I can see trackback. I don’t know how to enable it. maybe I have done it unconsciously.
    Thanking you.

    After tests I discover that my pings don’t work on localhost (local PC) and work perfect on real internet server.

    I made tests. In my first post I wrote in links to second post. There was ping to second post even without filling the “Send Trackbacks” metafield. And in wp_posts table of mysql I see filled “pinged” field for my first post.
    Also I wrote another post with “” in “Send Trackbacks” metafield. And his URL also appear in “pinged” field of wp_posts table.

    So pings work without “Send Trackbacks” metafield. I don’t understand why we need this metafield. And I don’t understand for what is “to_ping” field in wp_posts table of mysql database. And I don’t understand difference between “ping” and “trackback”.

    I have the same question. Is there any good suggestion? Thanks.

    I have the same issue, I have a site that collects deals, and it is important to do trackbacks.

    Any suggestions?

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