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  • nandelbosc


    Hi gurus, I have two questions…

    – Can I view how many times an specific user visits my page? How?


    – My blog is near to arribe at 10000 visits, I like to know what user makes the visit 10000. It’s possible? How?


    WordPress Version: 1.5.2
    Relevant Plugins: UsrCount, Who is Online and wp-infos


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  • moshu


    1. Not a really WP question. Google and learn about web statistics.

    2. Don’t know. Watch it…?



    Yes, sorry for my bad english…

    in point 1… but google knows my wordpress user visits?

    in point 2… I like know name of the registered users is who marks the visit numered 10000



    1. No, sorry. What I wanted to say: you have to search and learn about how to get and read web statistics. There are programs for that.

    2. And what if the visit #10000 will be me? I am not registered…



    1. I use webalizer and analog, but I only see users create with htpasswd2 command (apache2 webserver), not wordpress users. Can you tell some applications for for that?

    2. Yes, true. But normally (90%) my visits are registered users 😉



    But normally (90%) my visits are registered users

    How do you know that?



    Because is little blog for me and my friends with a difficult domain name to type (no accidental, or casual visits), with 53 registered users.

    More or less I talk with this users few times on a week. I know they visit, more or less, one time/day the web. Finally, wp-stats plugin, show 50 visits/day 😉




    you do have a good deal of comments for such an obscure site 😛 fwiw, your first post has hosed something up in ff – theres a huge whitespace…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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