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    Thank you for your help, I followed the steps on the site which had given you me, I have to create the .php file and that works, but the problem which I have it is that articles displays without the option ” learn more… ” and the page is very very slow (I have make the test in local).
    I don’t know if there is a plugin for this option. Thank you for your help.

    Thank you Esmi and MichaelH

    Please, know you a link where I can find tutoriels to configure PostLists? I have just installed and activated it, I created a page to move posts that I shall want to place them on the page of download managed by PostLists, but regrettably when I add a new post I find it in the homepage not in the page specially managed by PostLists that it displays only on the page of downloads.

    My goal it’s to create a special page where I can put downloads, but I shall want that posts does not display in the homepage but in the page of downloads, but the other posts except for the page of downloads and categories download I shall want that they display on the homepage. I think that my question is clear. Thank you for your help.

    Hopefully you are using a category for downloads and then you can exclude categories from using a technique described in the The Loop article.

    Also look at

    Thank you for your help, I tested it but it didn’t work

    is there any solution, please?

    Test what? What didn’t work? Did you get an error–if so what error?

    Did you install a plugin–if so what plugin?

    Can you give me a simple method to follow? A simple code to type for example on the template? Otherwise I hope that there is a plugin for this option because I am novice in PHP. what I really wish is if there is here a developer, which can create a simple method in the part of addition of posts, where we find the checkbox, of the category and the page on which we wish to post an article. I do not know if it already exists or not, I think that it’s interesting.

    PostLists: I find it complicated, I shall like to find a video tutoriel of postList (I think that this option exists on PostList, but I can’t configure it!)

    Simply-exclude: there is no option to move posts towards ” a page wordpress “. (Or I who can’t make it!)

    Thank you

    You don’t really put posts on pages but you can make a Page Template to display posts, but esmi provided the example above to follow.

    Maybe this:

    Otherwise maybe someone else can add another idea.

    Good luck.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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