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    Thank you(!!) for this really fantastic plugin. It’s a huge help, especially when dealing with Google Fonts and GDPR compliance.

    I have one question and one potential features request:

    1. Question: Is there an easy way for me to double check that all my embedded Google Fonts have become self-hosted through the activation of “Self-Hosted Google Fonts” plugin? I am using the Firefox plugin BuiltWith and it is still showing Google Fonts in its list, which seems a bit confusing. But when I view the page source code the call to the Google Fonts API isn’t there anymore… So I’m guessing it’s fixed, and the fonts are self-hosted, but if you could tell me an easy to look this up, that would be really great.

    2. Feature request: If at some point it were possible for this plugin to also enable the self-hosting of common icon fonts like FontAwesome, that would be even more great, or ah.. awesome 😉

    Thanks again!

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    Glad to know it helped you. As for the points:

    1. For verifying, for technical users the best way is to look through Network tab of Chrome Dev Tools. For others:

    Pingdom An easy way is to look at all the network requests. Simply run it and look under *File Requests* to see if any request are made to the domains mentioned above. In filter first search for googleapis and then gstatic.

    2. That’s a good idea even if it won’t make fit the plugin name 😉 . I will consider this when I can gather some time.


    Thanks very much for your response!

    A follow up question: I have the plugin installed on a couple of different websites and in some instances it seems to work absolutely perfectly (according to Pingdom), but in others it does not, even for a site that uses an up-to-date good quality theme. I would give you a link but I’d prefer not to post the URL publicly. Possible to email you? Or are there any ‘obvious’ troubleshooting tips you might recommend?

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author asadkn



    The normal troubleshooting tips will apply:

    – Try to disable all plugins temporarily and clear all caches (plugins, browser, webhost – if your webhost has one). The usual: disable plugins until you find the conflict.

    – Use Pingdom to find the URLs that weren’t converted and let me know. It would be helpful if you can find the same URLs in page and post the part of code that’s around those URLs, for instance <link src="//"...> or @import url(//

    – Rarely, a theme might have a Javascript loader. Enfold is one theme that added one in recent updates but can probably be disabled. Since they’re custom made loaders, it’s not possible for the plugin to convert them. You can check in theme docs or with the author to see if they’re using a Javascript font loader.

    If still no dice, you can send me the URLs at [my username here]@

    Aha! In fact two websites where I am having issues use the Enfold theme. I will look into whether it is possible to disable the javascript uploader function. Given that Enfold makes a big deal about GDPR compliance, hopefully they will also facilitate tools for the disabling of Google Fonts (and other fonts like FontAwesome).

    In any event, I think any theme developer who is able to put out a high-quality, fully GDPR compliant theme in the near future is going to stand to make a LOT of money, because trying to retrofit existing websites so that they are compliant is a massive pain in the you know what. I personally would almost rather do a redesign.

    Thanks again for the great plugin and super helpful follow-up. I’ll recontact you as I gather further info on my current sites with respect to how the plugin is working.

    Sorry to bother you with another question: Could you just quickly describe what happens if the plugin has been activated but then later gets deactivated or uninstalled, (for example in case at some point in the future there is a conflict between your plugin and another plugin that becomes needed for some reason)?

    Does the website code (css, inline-css, etc) revert to the way it was before the initial plugin installation and activation? Or does the website code stay the way it is?


    Plugin Author asadkn


    Yes once processing is disabled and caches cleared, it will revert to how all your HTML/CSS was before.

    Hello @asadkn,

    thank you for offering a great plug in.

    I still have a problem unfortunately.

    When I view the source code in Google Chrome, the line with the font.googleapi has gone but the line with fonts.gstatic is still there. Shouldn’t that go away too?

    In the developer console under sources I have both, font.googleapi and font.gstatic, and in network there is just fonts.gstatic. Shouldn’t all that go away with the plugin?

    In Ping I do not get googleapis or gstatic.
    I do not have a cache plug in but I have cleared the browsers cache.

    I am using a child theme of twentythirteen and wp version 4.9.8.


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