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    first you need to visit E-MAILiT website ( and create your account.

    Sign in, add a domain ( and get your Domain Verification Publisher Key.

    Copy only the ”E-MAILiT_…” line and paste it in the E-MAILiT Share (WordPress) Settings/Plugin Options, first field on top of the page.

    For example:
    Domain Verification Publisher Key (E-MAILiT_…): E-MAILiT_F13486169905062431e46374
    Press Save Changes.

    Return in your account and press the Verify button. Done. You are ready now to create your customized buttons.

    Please, let us know if you need further assistance and clarifications.

    The E-MAILiT Team

    Thanks for the reply.
    It’s still not working for me.

    Giving this message

    Oops! It seems that you didn’t placed the meta tag inside your website’s home page source code. Please, try again.

    I’ve tried putting the code in various ways. Both with the “E-MAILiT_” prefix and also just the long number code.


    Plugin Author E-MAILiT


    Don’t mention it. We will always be here for our publishers.

    Could you please send me your website’s url?

    Yeah click here for the blog.


    Plugin Author E-MAILiT


    hello again,

    I have two questions for you before take a look at your website.

    1. Is WordPress installed in the domain root or not?
    2. Did you activated the plugin first?

    Thank you.

    It’ll be a sub-root (public_html/blogoflove) And yes, I activated it and then copied the code over

    Plugin Author E-MAILiT


    The doesn’t belong to you?

    No, that’s also my site. This blog is hosted as my subdomain

    Plugin Author E-MAILiT


    Now I understand.

    I am afraid that the customized solution of our platform can’t work for your (sub)site, because you need to verify a domain directly through the /index of a website. E-MAILiT mechanism, will visit the main url and then will confirm that you are the legal website owner (meta tag must be already placed of course). E-MAILiT mechanism can’t verify subdomain url’s. That is for security purposes. It works exactly the same like the Google’s Webmaster Tools.
    Don’t be disappointed though. You can still use our buttons, without register. The default ones.

    I will be here for you if you need any further assistance.

    Ahh well that’s a shame. Would that be something to be implemented in a future update, you think?

    Thanks for your help.


    Plugin Author E-MAILiT


    Regarding the domain verification system, there is no future update flexibility, because is a security matter, concerning the Publisher’s safety.
    On the other hand we can build some more default button solutions, with a ”customized” taste inside them, such as: more features, tools and menus to implement.
    So, yes, we will consider very seriously your precious feedback and stay tuned for next updates.

    Please, visit here and be one of the first beta testers of our smashing Android app for mobile devices.

    See also here some of the default solutions.

    And here you can benefit the E-MAILiT share in your favorite browser.

    I have the same verification problem.
    When I want to verify my domain I see following error message:
    “Oops! It seems that you didn’t placed the meta tag inside your website’s home page source code. Please, try again.”
    The URL to my Blog is:
    I’ve tried two ways.
    1. I’ve included the whole verification-code between the <head>-tags.
    2. I’ve included the verification-digits into the “Domain Verification Publisher Key”-field at the Plugin-Backend.

    But nothing is fine. May you help me?

    Plugin Author E-MAILiT


    as I can see in your Blog’s html code, you have entered the verification code without the E-MAILiT_ prefix. Please insert the complete verfication code into the “Domain Verification Publisher Key”-field at the Plugin-Backend and let us know if the problem persists.

    Thank you.

    I put the whole code into the publisher-code-field at the plugin backend like this E-MAILiT_K137390246151e4167xxxxx but it doesn’t work.

    I solved the problem. I had to put the code into a theme-specific tracking-code-box and not into the wordpress-source-code by it’s own.

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