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  • When logging in, I got the (new feature with 5.3) notice to verify my admin email address. The current admin email address shown in general settings is not my email address, it’s a bunch of presumably auto-generated random characters in front of the “@” sign, followed by a server I do not recognize. So I changed it to my email address.

    I do receive the verification email, but when I click the link in it, I just get sent back to the general settings page and it says there is a pending change, showing the email I specified, but that it won’t take effect until verified.

    I found many forum posts about not receiving the verification email. That’s not my problem. I do receive it, but the change I made doesn’t get verified when I click the link to do so.

    The email account that receives the verification email is the one I want to use. Perhaps the unrecognized admin email address is related to the GoDaddy hosting account and it is automatically forwarding to my address that way? if so, maybe I should just click that the address is correct and be done with it? or am I missing something?


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    I’ve no idea why the verification didn’t work. There is an alternative way to clear the verification by manually updating the database. Access the phpMyAdmin app, usually through your hosting account. In the app navigate to the WP database. You should make a backup of the database before making any changes. Even if you feel bold, do it anyway, it’s always good to have a recent backup 🙂 Use the Export tab to export all tables to a .sql file. Save the file somewhere for safe keeping.

    Navigate to the options table and locate the “admin_email” option_name record, it should be on the first page of records. Edit the record’s option_value to reflect the proper email, then save the change.

    Navigate to the very last page and locate the “new_admin_email” and “adminhash” option_name records. If you cannot find them, use the search tab to help locate them. Delete both records, the complete row of each. The pending change message will go away and the proper email is shown. The “The new address will not become active until confirmed.” part is always there regardless of verification status.

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