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  • THE APOLOGY: I am reposting here from troubleshooting. sorry I should not do it but no traction there, asked admin to move but no dice.. sorry

    THE QUESTION:I’m using a dropdown menu script that requires certain classes on certain items of the list to work.

    basically the [a] tag of a list item with nested list should have class=”dir”
    The [li] tag of the first and last items in nested list should have classes “first” and “last” respectively.

    like so:

    <li><a href="./" class="dir">Lyrics</a>
                        <li class="first"><a href="./">Search for Lyrics</a></li>
                        <li class="last"><a href="./">Play Lyrics Game</a></li>

    Plesae dont tell me to change my css, use a plugin, jquery,etc…I just need that output that way that’s all.

    Thank you so much

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