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    Call me what you will, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get wordpress to cooperate with what I want to do.

    I designed a website template before looking for blogging software. In the middle column is basically my posts and such, but since I am not much a delevoper i cannot figure what I need to do just post my ‘articles’ to this predesigned template.

    I don’t want to use the header, side, etc… that comes with wordpress. i just want the posts to incorporate into my site. (warning: possible nsfw pic included :). If someone can point me to a tutorial to follow that would be most appreciated.

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  • What I did, and I’m new at this, is I downloaded the default theme and used it as a reference so I could see how to make certain items display on each part of the page. Hope that helps…

    You should read this first:

    I keep trying to figure out a way to word this so its easy to read but I can’t. Contact me via email and I’ll do a rough “sketch” when I get a chance to help you get started.

    thanks for the replies guys. I’m going to break up my original template into php files right now. I understand how php includes work, so i can get that part squared away.

    the trouble will be getting the wordpress content to show up. If i can’t get it to function tonight or tomorrow, I will definately give you an email peiginglong. thanks!

    To get an idea how to start take a look at this guide:

    Basically what you need is to use the Loop in your own design.

    It’s getting there. Now I’m looking for a way for each post to show up in its own little white box in the middle column.

    Oh yeah, and the formatting is a little messed up lol

    You are on the right way!

    success so far! took a lot of work but now i think i can navigate my way around implementing wordpress into regular sites.

    now all i gotta do is work on the single/archive pages and i should be ok

    You’ve still got php errors there, in Firefox at least.

    I’m not here to tell anyone how to work, but why would any webmaster redesign the wheel as it were?

    WordPress is very easy to alter the look of and I’ve gone in the opposite direction seeing little point in using normal html or xhtml and choosing to use WordPress to bring me whatever look I need, be it two column, left or right, or three column.

    I suppose it is just a case of getting used to WordPress, but I’d offer it as the basic foundation because php is fiddly stuff and someones done a spot on job for me in that respect.

    Yeah, all the links from the left menu, like:
    give a nice error 🙂

    I have to agree with LL here: looking at your site – everything could be done only with WP, no need to mess around with two kind of tools, pages etc.
    But, of course, it’s your decision…

    yes none of the navigation links work. that’s still in the works, as ive been working on the blogging software.

    as for the way i did… well i was looking for blog software, and the last time i messed with something like this was a few years ago. since then, the software has gotten so comlicated and all i really wanted something that would include my posts.

    this is the first time i messed with wordpress, so perhaps next time i’d do it the easy way. but i always like to take on a complicated challenge and figure things out so next time around i can deal with problems easily .

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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