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  1. faeronsayn
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Well, I've got a theme that has a layout builder, it's able to put any static content like "pages" into sidebars and such.

    So I've got a common layout for all posts, that includes custom post types. I can't seem to figure out a way to have different layouts for different posts for that specific theme.

    So now I'm trying to figure out how I can have conditions within pages. Meaning I have some content in a page, but I wrap it around a wordpress conditional like if ( 'book' == get_post_type()) then display some content. Else display some other content. So the page would essentially be a little dynamic, in the sense that it will display different content depending on the post type the user is currently on.

    All i'm wondering is how I can get this done on a page, instead of doing template edits, since my theme uses a layout builder it's increasingly difficult to figure out the sidebar and manipulate it. If I am somehow able to just use conditionals in pages it'll be great. Another problem is that I've tried some of those Allow PHP in pages, the problem is I can't wrap the code with the conditional since it's a short code.

    So I can't do this <?php if('book' == get_post_type()) { [shortcode] } else { [another-shortcode] } ?>

    I obviously can't have shortcodes inside PHP, so I'm wondering how this can be done, or if there are other ways to implement conditionals into pages.

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