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    I am not a developer and I am struggling more than I normally do with this one. Obviously there’s something I am missing here.

    Am I able to use this with a native WordPress menu link to scroll to a location further down the page, or another page entirely, and if so “exactly” how please…?

    Can you give me an idiots guide and walk-through because that’s how I feel right now. Been struggling for hours!


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  • I wonder the same, since it did not work with me.

    And yet another wp plugin with no support!

    The support forums on his website are quite active actually. Its just in here that he doesn’t bother to show up. Not a very WordPressy kind guy.



    Hi Terence,

    found the gist after some trying. Its actually quite simple as always…

    Step 1: Put Links in your menu, to be found under ‘Appereance – Menus’.
    Important: Instead of an URL put in ‘#firstpargraph’ or replace with any name you want to call your paragraph. As a name, choose the name you want to have appear in the Navigation Menu. Then click ‘add to menu’.

    Step 2: In the menu structure, open the link you just added. In the ‘title attribute’-field, add ‘m_PageScroll2id’ – Thats it.

    Step 3: In your html wordpress document, mark any div or span or a in the following way
    <div id=”firstparagraph” …..> random information </div>

    It will automatically scroll to this paragraph.

    Hope this helped, Julian

    Hello, thank you Julian, it worked well. Just to clarify that the term ‘m_PageScroll2id’ should be added to ‘Link Relationship (XFN)’ field in the menu structure instead of ‘title attribute’-field.

    If you do not see the field ‘Link Relationship (XFN)’ in your menu section, just click on the “screen options” tab on the top right hand corner and you will see it under “Show advanced menu properties”. Check it and it will appear in all your menu settings.

    For a clearer picture, check out this tutorial.

    Plugin Author malihu


    Added a mini guide on using the plugin with WP custom menus in FAQ, settings page and plugin homepage.

    Plugin Author malihu


    Marking this as resolved


    I know this was resolved but I am having a problem with this. I have done everything here, but the page on which I am working does not scroll, but “jumps” to the anchor. I am missing the scroll effect, even after changing the speed to 5000. What am I missing.



    TJR3217 –

    Did you palce the link in the “Link Relationship (XFN)” field as mentioned by marilynwo?

    I notice that if you place the link in the “Title Attribute” field as mentioned by Julian Bittel in this thread , the link will work but will “jump” to the link and not smooth scroll.

    Place the link in the “Link Relationship (XFN)” field

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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