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How-to: Use the One Click Child Theme Plugin

  • I wrote a topic suggesting that Child Theme creation might be considered as an added value to the WordPress core.

    Ipstenu replied with a link to a Plugin as an option for now.

    I have tested the one-click-child-theme plugin and it will create a basic child theme, it was easy for me as I know my way around WordPress.

    It might not be as easy for someone starting out with WordPress just wanting to make a minor change.

    I have written a new post with a step by step walkthrough on using the plugin, it might help someone struggling with creating a Child Theme



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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


    I’m on the fence about if that plugin is really valuable or not, as I do think it’s better to learn this stuff and child themes have such low learning curve.

    But that is a well written post with images and explanations. Have you considered creating a Codex page for that info?

    Hi Jan,
    I have already added a section to the child themes codex page, about the Dark Theme option.

    Not sure what you mean about creating a Codex Page, or which part of the information, I assume it would not be about the plugin?

    I would not mind adding a page if I knew what part of the posts content I should use, any advise would help.

    The Plugin:
    I think the plugin is good for a new user that wants just to tweak a style and does not often get involved at a deeper level, or does not want to do to much.

    It could be developed into a nice plugin, creating a functions.php with empty init and after theme setup functions, and having the option to transfer template files from the themes parent.

    I have another child theme that creates the color styles for a twenty ten child, I am thinking to build the child theme plugin code with these extras into the next version of the child theme.



    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Not sure what you mean about creating a Codex Page

    As you know, you can create a new page in the codex for anything. That post you put up is well written and has (gasp!) pictures. 😉 I just thought it may be a welcome addition there.

    Regarding the plugin, I haven’t used it (ssh to my server, mkdir child-theme, vi style.css, done) but I’m sure people do and will continue to use it.

    I am thinking to build the child theme plugin code with these extras into the next version of the child theme.

    That sounds like a really good idea. Just put in checks to see if the new child directory and files exists first…

    Hi Jan,
    I cannot get started with the Codex “New Page”, I have read the help on creating pages, but just cannot get my head around it, I can see where to start?

    Is there a tutorial on adding pages to the codex for dummies?

    I have this Codex User Page, but cannt see how to add a page from any menu?

    I would start with the post for adding wp-pagenavi and wp-paginate where to start?

    David 🙁

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    *Jan scratches head and mutters “Huh. How do you do that?”*

    David, I think the WordPress post editor has spoiled me tremendously.

    After reviewing these instructions, I believe you edit your Codex User Page and when you’re ready and satisfied with it, add at the bottom this tag:

    [ [ Category:New_page_created ] ] (less the spaces at the beginning and end)

    And that will alert the Codex Documentation Team.

    You should be able to upload graphics as well as format your output using the instructions here.

    If I had some content to share by means of a how-to or guide, I’d try it myself… I think that your wp-pagenavi and wp-paginate posts would be good additions too.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    David, I had to try it and per Ipstenu when you edit your user page start with [ [ One Click WordPress Child Theme ] ] (less the spaces at the beginning and end).

    Save that page and the link will show up red. Click that link and you can start editing. Easy!

    Many thanks have the page in draft will offer this one and see what happens!


    Hi David, I’m a newbie myself and this plug in really saved my day. I can never come to terms with those nitty gritty codes. Thanks!

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