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    I am having bad time trying to make the “email” option work.
    Any idea?
    1 – What should Email Field Name be?
    2 – Is “Send-From” Email Address my email as site manager?
    3 – Is is possible to have the complete list of [values] i can use in the Message Bodysection
    4 – Do I have to use the SMTP fields?

    Thank you!

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  • E-mails fields is clear after another tabs saves.
    E-mails not sending.

    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Hi all,

    First, Raystars, there was a function naming conflict with an earlier version of the plugin that caused the fields to get overwritten. That should be fixed, so please let us know if you’re using the latest version of the plugin and the fields are still being overwritten.

    1 – This is the name of the field that you use for your users’ email when they fill in your registration form (usually something like “Email” or “E-mail Address”, whatever name you give the field).
    2 – Yes, this is just your e-mail address.
    3 – Right now, the only three user values you can put in are : [username], [password], or [join-date]
    4 – You don’t have to use the SMTP fields, but to send authenticated messages you would need to fill in those fields. If they’re not filled in, some web hosting companies won’t allow you to send out emails.

    Thank you so much for your answer!
    You’re doing a great job, I look forward to see more from you!

    Hello Rustaurius,

    1. I have same problem as Raystars.

    No email-options visible TAB after installing version 1.9 on WORDPRESS 3.9.1 de-DE
    How can I use emails ? what has to be installed how ?

    2. the function [restricted] [/restricted] can be used for visibility if logged in. How can I control suspression of content if logged on ?
    e.g.: ‘edit profile’ is available when logged on/’register’ is available if logged off.

    3. Is there a predefined function ‘forgot password’ ? Here in combination with the missing email function…

    Thanks for an answer.

    sincerely brau1231

    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Hi Brau,

    1 – I’m not sure I understand your question. There’s no “Emails” tab in the admin area for the plugin?

    2 – There’s a PHP class that lets you check whether a user is logged in or not. That could useful for accomplishing what you’re trying to do.

    3 – There’s not a shortcode yet for “Forgot Password”, we’re working on adding one.

    Hi Rustaurius,

    thanks for your answer. This morning I update the plugin to Version 1.10
    -> 1: if you go (in the backend) to <plugin> and choose <settings> of the plugin ‘front-end users plugin’ it brings you into the configuraion-menue of the plugin.

    Here are 6 tabs: <dashboard> <users> <fields> <Levels> <Options> <emails>

    If you click on <emails> the screen leaves empty !(sorry grey)
    Nothing appers, nothing to configure, no text, nothing.
    Unfortunately I can’t send you a screenshot. (or is ther any way ?)

    Seems, that something is missing in the installation ?
    but there is no warning, errors etc. Should an email server has to be installed firstly on the raspberry to make this tab-filds visible ?



    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Is anyone else having the same error?

    Hi Rustaurius,

    I am having the same problem. The registration form is set up correctly but can’r figure out what’s wrong. A test registration and login redirects to 404.

    Could you please clarify what needs to be filled in the SMTP fields, would appreciate if you illustrated with an example.


    Plugin Author Rustaurius



    Apparently some SMTP servers need a separate username to work correctly. We’re going to post an update to allow that as an option separate from “E-mail”, which was the username on the test server.

    For the other SMTP fields, you’d want to put your SMTP mail host (depends on your hosting company), along with the password you use to access the e-mail.

    Hi amigos,

    I’am not able to configure email, because of absence of the tab entries of <email>-Tab.

    Due to missing informations and help, I’ve deinstalled the software.
    Unfortunately it’s not useful. Good try, but bad result.

    ciao amigos

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