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  • How do you use the Technorati service? I’ve got my blog pinging the site and it talks about using a <tag=item></tag> but what goes in between the <tag> bits?

    I tried putting <tag=marketing>Marketing</tag> but it did not turn it into a link.

    I’ve tried some wp-plugins — but I don’t understand how they help.

    Q1. Is technorati a manual process or automatic?
    Q2. How do I add tags to a post easily, and simply?
    Q3. Does technorati need pingbacks/trackbacks?
    Q4. Does my blog page need a trackback link posted on the actual page?

    I’ve never used technorati before and I hope you can help make me understand how to use it properly.

    Many thanks.

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  • 1) automatic (you have to add the tags yourself though)
    2) I use a plugin called bunnytechnorati tags, here .
    3) nope
    4) if you want to, doesn’t need it.

    or use ecto and it places the tags in there for you. the guys adrian tijessling (misspelt) also works for technorati now and lives in japan. the tags look good.

    here is a site i built using ecto using the tags:

    it is an artists site blog


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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