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    i want to use the Theme with the RTL language support for hebrew.
    What should i need to do?

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  • אהלן חבר
    מה הסיפור?
    מה לא עובד לך כמו שצריך ?

    היי תודה על התגובה.
    התקנתי את התבנית..
    איך אני הופכת את כולה ל-RTL ומותאמת לאתר בעברית, (לא דרך ה-CSS)
    טקסטים,תפריטים וכו’…

    ואם כבר על הדרך,אני לא מצליח להבין איך אני שולט דרך הלוח בקרה של האתר על התבנית ועל המרכיבים שלה. כמו החלק העליון של התמונות המתחלפות.


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    Please remember that these are English forums, so you should be communicating in English.

    Sorry Andrew…

    To change the menus – you need to edit the menus of the website.
    To change the slider pictures, is very easy, this entire theme is very easy to control , it is a theme with a comprehensive “control panel”

    You need to:

    1. Click the control panel
    2. Hover on appearance
    3. Choose Tempera settings
    4. Click presentation page
    5. Scroll down a bit until you reach the slides area



    Thanks guy.
    I found some solutions for my questions in the control panel of the Theme.
    but still Wondering how to change the main menu nav bar to RTL and float right by control panel…

    First of all – make sure you have the recent theme (there was an update a few days ago)

    All the following can be found in Tempera settings:

    If you wish to have a single side bar – you can select its location – right or left… in layout settings
    If you wish to change the menu alignment – Graphic settings -> Menu alignment.

    If you have more questions – ask here – I am listening 🙂

    Thanks dude!


    i think i got the same problem.
    i update for the new version from 1.2.2 and now i got only left side bar. no matter what i choose in “LAYOUT SETTINGS” (tempere settings) left sidebar or right it still wil be on the left side.
    if ill will not put any widget on the right sidebar. it will wrote “Right Sidebar You currently have no widgets set in the right sidebar. You can add widgets via the Dasboard.
    To hide this sidebar, switch to a different Layout via the Theme Settings” but its wroten on the left side(left sidebar).
    you can see the site: i

    I do not see any problem there
    Can you point it out ?

    look at any page but not on the homepage, the sidemenu is on the left, its need to be on the right, in “LAYOUT SETTINGS” (tempere settings) i choose right sidebar but it still on the left.(never mind what ill choose it still will be on the leftside)
    its all happen after i did the update of the theme.

    If you choose “right sidebar” and the theme is RTL-ed correctly, then the sidebar will appear on the left, exactly the same “look and feel” as if it is an English site (sidebar on the side of the writing)
    (באותו צד איפה שהכתיבה מתחילה)
    So it is OK, and you can change it to the opposite side and that is it…

    Another note: Change the font + Add some padding so the text will not appear exactly on the same pixel as the “white page”
    You might want to add some border and even an elevated page effect.



    i try to change side its still on the lef, as i wrote earlier “never mind what side ill choose it still will be on the left side”
    – even if i choose split side bar (one on left and one on right) still it will be the same, left didebar only.

    about the note. its because of the place of the sidebar.

    which font you recomend?

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