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    Anyone using the Private Notes plug-in for blog members to send an PM to eachother? It appears to be the only possibility for a private messaging system without using a forum plug-in. Or, is there another option other than Private Notes that I’ve overlooked?

    If you use Private Notes, or some other program, could you elaborate on the pros and cons of the plug-in? And, if you have it could you leave your site url for me to visit to test how it works for members? I sent an email to the fellow Fred that designed the plug-in to try to clarify some things about the plug-in, but have not heard back from him.

    One thing I’m not clear on is whether it can or cannot be used by just visitors of your blog, or is access restricted only to individuals who have admin access to your blog?

    Would appreciate any help. Thank you!

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  • No one here that either is or has used Private Notes? I’ve tried to get help from the fellow Fred who designed the plug-in, but he didn’t respond to my email. Doesn’t anyone here use Private Notes to let me know how it’s worked for you?

    Thanks for anyone that considered helping me on this topic. I was able to reach Fred and my questions have been resolved.

    I use it and have it. You could also use XDTalk which is a messenger for WP. Works good.
    Find it here

    Hi Quintessential,

    Thanks for the reply. I did install Private Notes, and I’m glad I installed it, but the XDTalk chat plug-in looks interesting too since Private Notes doesn’t provide chat capability. I went to the xd plug-in site you listed, and it said, ‘Look in the sidebar of this site at the bottom to see a demonstration.’ but I wasn’t sure if what I clicked on was it or not – it looked like a comment thread. Was that it? I snooped on your site listed in your profile, and thought I would see it there, but I didn’t see it there either. Are you using XDTalk? Thanks in advance!

    I don’t have it running since I am trying to hack it a bit but, currently you have to be logged in to see it. That’s what I’m working on, at least the who’s online part.
    What it does is show you who is on the site and who is on each page with the opportunity to initiate a chat with them. I’m trying to figure a way for it to give access to level 0 users with a random user name such as Guest 121. Other than that it is ideal for me on my business site. Private notes is what I use for a Help Desk. I can save all notes and add extra info when needed.
    Hope that helps.. BTW with XDTalk sometime the database does not populate. I posted the MySql on NeverLand’s site if you run into that problem.

    Thanks for that added info Quintessential! I may look into that sometime in the near future, but I have too many other things to get installed for now.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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