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  • Hi,
    Since wp already included plUpload in version 3.3, i think it is a good way to use it as the media uploader for handling the images upload.

    There are not much info regarding this issue. I did find a tutorial about how to use it at .

    The tutorial works but not complete, their are some disadvantages of the tutorial.
    1. There are no drag and drop interface.
    2. The uploaded file is not stored as attachment, so you won’t see the uploaded file in media library.
    3. It use the full url to populate the images. You can directly store the url in the meta fields, but if multiple images stored, the all save in the single meta fields, with only “,” to separate the urls. Eg. url1,url2, url3. This is hard to display the array in frontend (for noob like me).

    So if you guys know better way/source to learn how to use the plUpload in meta box?


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  • Here is a lean and mean plugin that does exactly what it says: , and leverages all the standard wordpress hooks to do it on the admin side.

    I’m working on a front end version of this for my own purposes using plupload and jcrop. If it is something that makes sense as a plugin, it maybe my first. There is a lot of interest in this nice frontend stuff, and I bet gravity forms or somebody will come out with something really great soon.

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