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  • I was writing a plugin and also using others when this issue came up. I did some researching on here and Google, but I wasn’t really sure how to even phrase my question best.

    In themes custom post types, you can use “supports” => ‘editor’, ‘title’, ‘excerpt’, etc….

    How do I identify my plugin, or others, in that supports tag so they both show up? Is there a special key I have to add or something?

    I’ve also wanted to do this with other plugins but wasn’t sure how to approach it; like with an attachments plugin. It shows up in regular posts, but not sure how to apply it to custom post types.

    Thanks! Hopefully this isn’t a common question, I tried searching and got a bunch of fluff. :/

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  • When registering the plugin, you can specify ‘post_type’ for which it will apply to.

    Not sure about the “supports” end of it still, but I solved half of it.

    When you are registering your custom post type in your plugin , you could add supports option in your register_post_type function call.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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